Stiftelsen Betanien Oslo- The Bethany Foundation Oslo



The establishment of Betanien began with Deacony work in 1897 with a sister home to Betanien as a pattern from Germany. Three young women began a work which evolved from homecare to hospital operations and nurse education in Oslo, Bergen and Skien. The Bethany Foundation Oslo (Stiftelsen Betanien Oslo) was founded in 1897 by the Methodist Episcopal Church in Norway. Two young women were sent to Bethanien in Hamburg for training as deaconesses. Next year they came home and started A Sister Home for Bethany Deaconesses in Oslo. The work expanded and soon it was hospitals in Oslo, Bergen and later in Skien. The work was devided in three different independent foundations with boards elected by the Methodist Annual conference. The Bethany Foundation in Oslo run its hospital until 1980.

Betanien Hospital in Oslo was closed down in 1980 and Betanien College of Nursing became merged with Lovisenberg College of Nursing in 1994.

The Bethany Foundation to day:

The Bethany Foundation Oslo aims to contribute to a better everyday life for vulnerable families, including immigrant families and families who are struggling with mental health issues.

The work involves teaching classes, seminars, group activities and individual support change and development in the family. We also hold courses and provide guidance to employees of municipalities.

We are engaged in several districts in Oslo and municipalities in Lower Romerike and other parts of the country. One of the areas we had a lot of expertise when we started up in 2003 was family work. Much of the experience came from working in Oslo East where we experienced a steady increase in the number of cases with immigrant families. We found that the established methods, roles and thought patterns did not always work in the face of new challenges. And it was not just about "them", it is also about "us".

Conflicts and crises are often caused by a different understanding and the coping with the expectations and demands society makes the on the responsibilities of being parents. Being involved with such problems with Soul Friend and daring to try out new ideas and methods, we have found that we can deliver high-quality solutions to immigrant families who for various reasons are experiencing a crisis.

To provide good assistance in the family, it is essential for us to have a good working relationship with the client. A good and open dialogue between the family, the client and us, creates a dynamic that provides a better basis for a successful change in the family.

We are starting with the design of our first home dwellings in Furuset (see illustration above) and renting apartments in St.Hanshaugen, Oslo. The Bethany Foundation Oslo has its headquarters  in Akersbakken 37, Oslo